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Melbury MOT: £35 - Free Re-Test (Within 10 working days).

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Regular servicing saves money, saves fuel, increases the residual value of your car - and can save lives.

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Where would we be without them? But brake pads wear - just like tyres. And that's not the only wear & tear your brakes suffer, on a daily basis

  • Juddering
  • Grinding sounds - whether you're braking or not
  • You're pressing harder, just don't slow down
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Rear wheels locking
  • Vehicle pulling to one side, while braking

Just some of the signs that your brakes are over-due for service. For a Free check book in below using the button

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All cars are now fitted with technology that runs and monitors the:

  • Engine
  • Emission Systems
  • Safety systems, such as ABS, Traction Control, Air-bags
  • Lighting
  • Management systems that help technicians diagnose problems

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The right Tyres, at the right price

Have you had your tyres checked recently for:

  • Cuts, Cracks and Bulges
  • Damage caused by kerbing
  • Worn Tread

Just some of the signs that you may need new tyres.

For a free check - and the best price on new tyres - Please use the button below

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Over 10% of Air Con gas is lost each year

If your car is two or more years old, your air conditioning is probably due for a recharge. You'll notice a dramatic improvement!

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Your suspension is as vital as your brakes.

Worn shock absorbers, or suspension components reduce comfort, affect handling and safety - and may also cause irritating knocking noises.

For a Free suspension check, please use the button below

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The right Battery, at the right price

Fitted while you wait. Guaranteed for up to 4 years. If your starter is a bit sluggish, book a Free check - BEFORE your car refuses to start.

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Regular servicing costs less than you think - and saves a fortune in the long run.

We're at your service. Simply ring 01747 855247 and ask for Geoff Honour - or email

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