Guarantee Policy & Price Promise

PRICE PROMISE: We will match any written quote locally, like for like.

Melbury Motor Company, “What we quote is what you pay” policy offers our customers complete peace of mind & our highly skilled technicians will advise you which repairs are needed.   If any additional repairs are required, we will always provide you with a quote before any additional work is carried out.

QUALITY: All work has a mechanical guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first).

As an independent local vehicle repairer, Melbury Motor Company are a great alternative to main dealerships. We use quality branded parts that meet Original Equipment specifications, whilst maintaining a competitive price.

At Melbury Motor Company we will only use quality parts on your vehicle that carry 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) parts & labour guarantee. To keep your vehicle fully maintained, take advantage of our free vehicle health check, ask in store for more details.

Relax… it’s repaired!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We go above & beyond to deliver a high standard of service.

EXPERTISE: Our progressive training ensures all technicians are trained to the highest level.

TRUST: 98% of our customers recommend us to their friends or families, as an independent local vehicle repairer.

Service: European Union Legislation now gives motorists greater freedom in deciding who maintains their vehicles. Here at Melbury Motor Company we can carry out normal maintenance, servicing & repairs without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty (subject to services being carried out in accordance with dealer servicing schedules).

Please advise at the time of booking if a dealer service is required & a quotation will be provided based on the age, mileage & manufacturer’s service schedule.

In all cases after completing any type of service, your service book will be stamped & service light reset. Your invoice will confirm the works undertaken as well as any recommendations of further work.

Suspension & Steering: All mechanical components fitted to your vehicle are covered under the standard guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles parts & labour (whichever comes first).

Brakes: Guarantee excludes parts failed due to separate defects such as heavy braking, brake fluid failure & malicious damage. Guarantee is subject to all other brake components being to a serviceable standard. Use minimum brake pressure for 150 miles for replaced frictional lining components to bed in.

Exhausts: Failure of exhaust parts will require returning to manufacturer for inspection. Components fitted to your vehicle are covered under the standard guarantee unless stated otherwise.

Tyres: Tyres are backed by a manufacturer guarantee which excludes punctures, bulges, uneven wear or kerb damage. Tyre pressure must be set to manufacturers recommended settings. Tyre claims must be returned to manufacturers for inspection.

Note: refund will depend on the wear of the tyre & the outcome of inspection. You are required to purchase replacement tyres whilst this takes place. Tyre manufacturer’s terms apply.

Wheel Alignment/ Tracking: Tracking is affected by road & driving conditions such as speed bumps, kerbing, steering & suspension faults & subsequently not covered under the Melbury Motor Company guarantee. However, if you feel that further adjustment is necessary, we will check & adjust free of charge within 7 working days of invoice date.

Battery: Before any replacement is carried out, our technicians will conduct a full inspection on the charging system. If a fault lies elsewhere & you do not authorise the fitting of any additional parts required to restore the battery system to full working order, this guarantee will not apply. However, depending on manufacturer’s specification, batteries are covered with a minimum of 12 months unless stated otherwise.

Diagnostics: If a dashboard instrument fault light occurs, due to the complexity of the modern vehicle a diagnostic check will be required to determine the cause of fault. An underlying issue will have caused other components to fail; subsequently these will need replacing before the underlying fault can be rectified. This guarantee will not apply if the underlying fault is not rectified. Guarantee will only cover the part originally fitted by Melbury Motor Company.

How to make a claim under Melbury Motor Company Guarantee?

Simply call your local vehicle repairer & inform us of your issue. Take your original receipt, your guarantee leaflet, & any other paperwork provided to you at the time of purchase with your vehicle to the centre of your choice within our network. Please ensure to keep all original paperwork, as failure to produce it could affect your ability to make a guarantee claim.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions: Melbury Motor Company guarantee is non-transferable & only applies to the person who purchased the original parts. Our guarantee does not extend to any monetary, compensation claim or any consequential or additional losses. Company vehicles, hire vehicles, taxis & vehicles used for commercial purposes or competitive sports are not covered. Parts failing as a result of criminal or malicious damage, fire, theft or where the vehicle has been tampered or repaired by another garage or individual without consent are not covered. Also, if parts failed due to other components failing are not covered, lack of maintenance or use of wrong fluids. In the event of one of our locations not being within a reasonable distance – contact our Head Office who will advise you further, as we do not guarantee work undertaken elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: This guarantee does not cover any defect caused by excessive wear or corrosion, or any costs incurred through loss of use. Manufacturer’s conditions of sale apply to all goods sold. All warranties are in addition to & do not detract from your statutory rights. Manufacturer’s conditions of sale apply to all goods sold. For further terms contact our Head Office.

Melbury Motor Company’s Price Promise and Terms and Conditions

You must provide us with a written like for like quotation from a VAT registered repairer located within a 3 mile radius of your local Melbury Motor Company. The parts quoted must be like for like i.e. manufacturer, make, model, quality & completed within the same time scale as agreed with your local Melbury Motor Company. Any claim must be made to the manager & accompanied by a written quote within 7 days of work being completed. Any special offer or discount must be communicated clearly in writing. Comparison of goods or services must be to the identical specification & quality. Our comparison of goods or services will compare to the total price for the job to be completed after all discounts, including parts & labour & not individual line items.

Once we verify your claim, we will match the lower price. Melbury Motor Company reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer, & the terms & conditions at any time in its sole discretion. This does not apply to individual line items on an invoice, tyres or tyre fitting, garages that are not VAT registered, discounts not available to the mass market i.e. employee discounts, negotiated discounts, the trade, fleet customers do not apply.