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Tyre Services
in Shaftesbury, Dorset

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Free Wheel Alignment and Tyre Health Check
Free Wheel Alignment and Tyre Health Check
Abnormal Tyre Wear

There are many different reasons for abnormal tyre wear such as:

  • Under inflation or over inflation of tyre pressure
  • Wheel alignment issues can cause uneven tyre wear
  • Emergency braking
  • Cuts in the tyre wall or depth
  • Tyre cracking or perishing
  • Impact damage (bulge on the sidewall)

Regular tyre inspections from your local Melbury Motor Company consists of checking tyre pressures and visually inspecting car tyres for safety and optimum fuel efficiency.

Tyre Labelling Explained

Think of tyre labels as a sort of grading system; tyres are ranked in the terms of fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification. Tyres are measured as ‘A’ being the highest rating and ‘G’, the lowest rating. All of Melbury Motor Company tyres have labels attached so you are clear on what you are purchasing for your vehicle.

Tyre Warning Sign On Dashboard

Some vehicles are fitted with run-flat tyres. If tyres are under-inflated, the run-flat warning light will illuminate on the dashboard.

Here at Melbury Motor Company, we have the technology along with our specially trained technicians to repair this issue in no time at all!

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